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Filming for Memories

"Don’t even think about anyone else!
Captured the perfect moments of our day exceptionally.
Great fun and so easy to work with. Can’t recommend enough!"

Ed Hart

"I feel like I can relive any part of the day and see things I missed. Having the raw footage is invaluable." 

Annette & Dustin 

We have a backstage pass, the best seat in the house. Magic moments, energy and emotions captured for you to watch and enjoy.

Modern  -  Discreet  -  Romantic

Memory Clips


IWedfilm captures every single moment possible making your dream wedding absolutely unforgettable. You poured everything you had into planning your dream wedding, so why miss out on any part of it if you don't have to? Think of us as an extra member of your bridal party  a best friend who is down to capture it all for you.

Behind the scenes films of your wedding day capturing all of the raw and real moments full of laughter and emotions while including everyone  in our shots to show your wedding day's big picture.

You receive ALL the films we take and we make you a highlight film of some of the 'best' parts, perfect to share with friends and families who couldn't make it and also for you to  binge watch how fabulous your day was!

Behind-the-scenes content at weddings provides a unique perspective on the event. It captures candid moments and unseen aspects of the big day. It can be fun, emotional, chaotic, and utterly real – everything that makes a wedding unique.

IWedfilms offers a new, exciting way to document the whirlwind of preparations, the flurry of emotions, and the little stories that make up the grand wedding narrative. 

One of the biggest regrets couples often have is not getting enough video from their wedding days. IWedfilm is helping to stop that.

IWedfilm is a person dedicated to capturing videos at your wedding. They’re like an undercover guest who documents your day and sends you all the best moments of your big day.  Weddings can be a blur. With an IWedfilm, you can view your day through our eyes and remember your special day for the rest of your life.

From just 1080 euros it is a MUST have add on to any wedding.


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