Welcome to iWedfilm. A modern affordable wedding video solution.

We have a backstage pass, the best seat in the house. All the magic moments, energy and emotions captured for you to watch and enjoy. We want to show you, your family and friends enjoying the day you planned. All that effort was worth it!

So how is an iWedfilm different and what is our aim? Most wedding videos are all about the highlight  video. This usually lasts around five mins and can be thousands of pounds.  They tend not to shoot the guests, the family and the vibe of the day. The priority for  iWedfilm is to capture the overall feel of the day, the moments, the love and fun that happen. Sometimes even the disasters! Many times the couple are so busy welcoming guests, dealing with photographers, wedding planners etc. They are so overwhelmed by the emotion on the day they can sometimes not take it all in. We shoot for memories, not a romantic highlight reel.


We use the amazing new iPhones which are discreet and don't intimidate you or your guests. Everyone is used to a phone selfie or  video,  so no one freezes up or becomes awkward and self conscious. You receive all the video clips we record from getting ready to first dance. We also make you a beautiful romantic highlight video to share with your friends and family. How amazing to receive your day captured so you can look back and enjoy it all over again with lots of lovely surprise clips from the day. To see yourself with all your special people all together in one place surrounded by the love of your family and friends. It doesn't happen very often so make those memories last with an iWedfilm. What's not to love!


​You can see our highlight videos here - a typical selection of memories clips from the day here

Prices start from 750  euros. A very affordable addition to your plans and one that you can enjoy for many years to come.


Thank you for visiting iWedfilm - we look forward to hearing about all your exciting plans and telling the story of your day.